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Winter Formal is a dance held annually at East Highland High School.

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Season 1[edit | edit source]

Many East Highland students attend Winter Formal: Jules and Rue attend together, joined later on by Lexi, Cassie, Maddy and Kat.

Nate attends the dance with another girl, due to an earlier confrontation with Maddy regarding his sexuality. On the dance floor, he manages to goad Maddy into a dance off with another boy, only for Maddy to anger him enough to storm off. Rue chases after him and confronts him about Jules. Nate counters her threats with claims targetting Rue's insecurity about her stability within the relationship.

As Nate returns, he convinces Maddy to join him for a slow song. Despite it, Maddy brings up their mutual issues and warns him that she thinks they don't belong together. Kat and Ethan have their first kiss, while Lexi and Cass sit on a table, simply watching the events transpire.

Midway in the dance, Rue and Jules decide to leave town for the city, only for Rue to back down at the last moment and stay behind.

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