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Wes is one of the minor characters in Euphoria. He is portrayed by Nolan Bateman.

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At McKay's party, he was in a room with the McKay twins and Kat drinking and smoking, when the twins ask Kat if she was a slut, she said she was fucking savage, the ask what was her numbers, and Kat said higher than they two could count, then Wes told her she was a prude. Wes asked him if he take out his dick, if she would suck it, she wanted to see it, Wes said that it wasn't hard yet, and said that most girls doesn't know how to suck dick, that they're too gentle, like if they're scared, to which Kat says that not in porn. Wes ask Kat again how much of slut she is, Kat tells him to go to her and find out, Wes dare Kat to takes her top off in front of the twins, she does it. Later Kat tells BB that she lost her virginity, presumably to Wes.

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Season One (1/8)

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