HBO's Euphoria was renewed for a second season on July 11, 2019 by HBO. Production started in February 2020 however was soon postponed due to recent circumstances involving COVID-19.

During an interview on IndieWire’s Filmmaker Toolkit podcast, Levinson confirmed the plan is to start filming the second season in late March of 2021 and start rollout on completed episodes on HBO before the end of December.[1]

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2.01 | 2021
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  • According to the mass casting call held, shooting would have potentially began late March and carried onto December and introduced brand new characters
  • Just days into preparing episodes for its second season, Euphoria was among the many shows where production was halted in March as a safety precaution.[2]
  • For the second season they had already done table reads, wardrobe fittings and all kinds of things, before they got shut down, two days before they were about to start the first day of shooting.[2]
  • Season 2 is expected to begin filming Season 2 in March.
  • Production will start April 5th 2021 in LA.

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