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You're a strong man, Nathaniel. I knew it from the moment you were born. You have an... iron will..., determination. I've always admired that in you. Because some day, it will lead you to greatness.
Cal Jacobs to Nate (Stuntin' Like My Daddy)

Nathaniel Jacobs, also known as Nate, is a main character in the first season of Euphoria. He is portrayed by Jacob Elordi, while his younger counterpart is portrayed by Gabriel Golub.

Nate is a popular student and the star quarterback of East Highland High School; however, he has a deeply-ingrained sense of toxic masculinity rooted in his upbringing and struggles with his sexuality as a result. He uses his good looks, social status, and anger to mask his emotions and has a strained on-and-off relationship with Maddy Perez.

Early Life[edit | edit source]

When Nate Jacobs was 11 years old, he found his dad's porn collection. His dad, Cal, was obsessive. His mom always said that's who he got it from. Then he quickly realized that the colored cases and placement were no accident. It was an elaborate code, so that no one fucked with his shit.
Rue's voiceover (Stuntin' Like My Daddy)

Nate was born to Marsha and Cal Jacobs, the latter of whom became wealthy and well-known due to owning "all the apartment buildings past Kemper" in the town.[1] At age 11, Nate came across an extremely graphic collection of recordings depicting his father engaging in various hookups with young men and trans women. By age 12, he entered a rigid diet and workout schedule. While becoming his father's dream of being a star quarterback and a success compared to his mother and brother, he developed serious anger issues and a warped perception of sex.

Sometime, Nate entered a relationship with Maddy Perez, who he would often buy gifts for with his wealth. At his freshman formal, he attempted to finger Rue Bennett in the dance floor without her consent.

On a family photo hanging on his house's wall, a third, unknown, younger child can be seen alongside Nate and Aaron.

Throughout the Series[edit | edit source]

Season 1[edit | edit source]

Physical Appearance[edit | edit source]

Nate is a conventionally attractive, tall, muscular guy with dark brown hair and eyes. He has a big mole on his chest to the left side.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Nate and Maddy[edit | edit source]

If anyone ever tried to hurt you, I'd kill them.
— Nate to Maddy (Stuntin' Like My Daddy)

Maddy caught Nate's eyes when, in Rue's words, he noticed she was basically hairless. However, Nate would often take his anger out on Maddy, at one point severely bruising her neck. Despite being aware, on some level, they are toxic for each other, it's a frequent plot point for both of them to break up and get back together, and use others to make each other jealous in the process.

Nate and Jules[edit | edit source]

You're kind. You're smart. You're generous. You got a big heart. You deserve whatever the fuck it is in this world that you want. So keep your head down. Keep your mouth shut. Don't try to ruin my life, and I won't have to ruin yours.
— Nate to Jules Vaughn (Shook Ones Pt. II)

In the first episode, Nate sexually harasses Jules twice: he catcalls her when she's riding on her bicycle, and threatens her sexually when they meet again at a party. The latter causes Jules to have an emotional outburst, as she pulls a knife on him and later cuts herself to prove that nothing can hurt her. After discovering Jules slept with Cal, Nate created a false online identity named Tyler and began to talk to Jules, tricking her into sending him sexual photos. Though it's implied that his initial intention was only to protect his father, he starts to develop romantic feelings during their conversations.

At the carnival, Nate (still pretending to be the fictional Tyler) asks to meet Jules by the lake, professing a romantic connection to her. He initially kisses her and puts his finger in her mouth, asking her to "open her mouth", which mirrors how his father treated her when the two her involved sexually. similar to his father's actions. When Jules tells Nate to stop, Nate drops the act and threatened to go to the police with Jules' nudes, which would cause her to be registered as a sex offender and ruin her life, unless she kept quiet about Cal. Soon after Nate was accused of assaulting Maddy at the carnival, he used the leverage he had on Jules to force her to lie to the police about seeing Maddy assaulted by the actual Tyler, putting the real Tyler in jail. Though Jules hates Nate for blackmailing and threatening her, she has an attraction to him, as she is still in love with his "Tyler" persona. This is shown when she hallucinates Nate/Tyler in the club, confirming she fell in love with Tyler. Nate seems to continue to have feelings for Jules as well, following her, watching her house at night, staring at her and complimenting her to Rue. This is significant because Nate treats Jules much better than he does Maddy, never once calling her inappropriate slurs and speaks highly of her. Even when Jules called him and his father faggots, his retaliation was minuscule in comparison to his assault on Maddy, his then girlfriend, for even implying he's gay.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Season One (8/8)

Specials (1/2)

Quotes[edit | edit source]

You want my advice? You fuck her like the whore she is, you kick her ass to the curb.
— Nate to McKay ("Pilot")

Nobody that looks like you is minding their own fuckin' business. I know what you are. Yeah. Yeah, I see you. So what do you want? You want some, some fucking attention? 'Cause I'll give you some fucking attention.
— Nate to Jules ("Pilot")

(...) And everywhere you go, for the rest of your life, you'll be harassed, and spat at, and treated like a fucking animal. You deserve better than that. 'Cause I know you. You're kind. You're smart. You're generous. You got a big heart.You deserve whatever the fuck it is in this world that you want. So keep your head down. Keep your mouth shut. Don't try to ruin my life, and I won't have to ruin yours.
— Nate to Jules ("Shook Ones Pt. II")

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Nate has a specific list of traits he likes and dislikes in women.
    • He likes tennis skirts and jean-cut-offs (but not the kind so short you could see the pockets), ballet flats and heels, sandals worn with a fresh pedicure, thigh gaps, tan lines, long necks, slender shoulders, good posture, fruit-scented body mist, full lips, small noses, and lacy chokers. It should be noted that Jules fits most of these criteria, causing internal hatred within Nate as she is a transgender woman.
    • He dislikes sneakers, dress shoes, cankles, girls who "sat like boys, talked like boys, [and] acted like boys", and body hair.
  • He has an aversion to locker room nudity.
  • While driving past Rue in "Pilot", Nate calls out "I'd do it for Rue!" before throwing up the Three Finger Salute from The Hunger Games.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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