Cassie: "I love you."
McKay: "I love you more."

The relationship between McKay and Cassie, commonly referred to as "McKassie" among fans, began before "Pilot".

Throughout Euphoria[edit | edit source]


McKay and Cassie met at McKay’s party in the first episode. McKay told Cassie she was beautiful. After they start having sex, McKay almost chokes her to death, but he let go. McKay tells Cassie that he is sorry and they start dating

Stuntin Like My Daddy

McKay goes to Cassie’s house and meets Cassie’s mom, Suze Howard. Cassie comes downstairs and McKay and Cassie start watching a movie. McKay talks about college football and the coach. Once McKay is sleep talking Cassie tries to have sex with McKay but he says “ Why you have to make everything so sexual. McKay leaves and Cassie is mad. Then later at night McKay asked Cassie to give some nudes which she did.

Made You Look

At McKay’s college he invites Cassie to stay with him for a weekend. McKay and Cassie go to a frat party. McKay enters a drinking competition and who ever finishes last gets stripped naked. Cassie cheers for him in the beginning, but then she gets worried. McKay makes it and a blonde hair guy gets stripped naked. Then McKay and Cassie drink a goldfish. Then they start dancing. McKay tells Cassie that he loves he and they have sex in the bathroom. McKay takes Cassie home and they kiss.

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