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Maddy Perez's birthday party is an event that took place at the Howard house in "You Who Cannot See, Think of Those Who Can".


Season 2

"You Who Cannot See, Think of Those Who Can"

The party is hosted by Maddy Perez at the Howard house in East Highland, California. In the beginning of the episode, Cassie is seen bringing Maddy's cake out to her as everyone attending sings "Happy Birthday" to Maddy. At the party, Cassie gifts Maddy a scrapbook and Maddy hugs her while they're both crying. Later, Maddy, Cassie, Kat, BB and Lexi are seen on the stairs getting a picture taken by Suze. In the kitchen, Suze tells the girls that if anyone tells their parents about the night in particular, they weren't allowed over to the Howard house again.

Later, Suze dances out onto the deck towards Kat and then gradually moves into the living room dancing with Lexi, Maddy and BB now. Maddy asks Kat to dance and when Kat declines, Maddy takes her into the kitchen to have a talk about Kat's relationship. When Nate arrives to the party, he makes it clear that his relationship with Cassie is over. He gifts Maddy a necklace and puts it on her and they embrace. Cassie sees this and drinks more as her mother asks her if she's ok. Cassie is then seen in the bathroom downing a cooler. She later comes down the stairs confidently, wearing a hot pink bikini as Nate and Maddy are talking. Cassie sits at the edge of the hot tub and tells Lexi that she's waiting on it to get hot.

Cassie is later seen downing another cooler as she walks down stairs on her phone, with Lexi looking from beyond concerned. Pissy drunk at this point, and still drinking, Cassie dances and sings in the living room, intertwining herself with the strings hanging from the ceiling while Maddy and Nate watch from outside. After changing, Maddy, Kat and BB are all in the hot tub. Maddy asks Nate to get in with them and after a while he does. Cassie, tangles in balloons, sees this happening and decides to get in next to Nate, falling onto him due to her being drunk.

BB states how she's glad that Nate and Maddy are back together, which sparks an argument between the pair and Kat after Cassie asks and Nate forcefully says that he and Maddy aren't together. At this point, Maddy is looking at Cassie and Nate suspiciously because of their body language and the things they're saying. After a while, Cassie, emotional as ever, throws up in the hot tub all over everyone inside. She apologizes to Maddy about a hundred times, almost compromising her and Nate's secret relationship. Suze helps her out as Lexi runs to the kitchen to find out what happened. Suze helps her upstairs and Cassie reaches for Nate crying as she moves up the stairs.[2]



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