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"I swear my boyfriend doesn't tell me anything."
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I feel like I've lived most of my life in my imagination. Taking the smallest moments, and dreaming them up into something bigger.
— Lexi on Our Life[src]

Lexi Howard is a main character in the first and second seasons of Euphoria. She is portrayed by Maude Apatow.

Lexi is Cassie's younger sister and Rue's level-headed childhood friend who tries her best to support Rue through her struggles.


Early life

It made her think about her entire life. How she always been so passive, how she never had the courage to say anything. And even at the time when she did get the courage to say something, she backed down.
— Rue's voiceover[src]

Lexi was born to Gus and Suze Howard and grew up alongside her sister, Cassie Howard. Although Lexi's childhood was very similar to Cassie's, she was often put aside by both her parents who seemed to prefer more her older sister than her.

While attending pre-school, Lexi befriended Rue Bennett, and for many years considered her to be her best friend, even to this day. When Lexi was asked to the freshman formal by a student named Tucker Blake, she decided to try practicing French kissing on Rue. Afterward, Lexi asked whether she felt "really weird" or "uncomfortable". Rue responded in the negative.

However, they eventually grew apart as Rue's drug use started to get out of control. Lexi tried to talk to Rue about getting any help but Rue brush it off, so Lexi decided to limit contact with her. A couple of days later, Suze told Lexi that Rue overdosed but survived. Despite that fact Lexi still blamed herself for it, claiming if she hasn't been so passive and afraid to say anything, things could been different. The night when Cassie let their father back in their house, Lexi witnessed him walking away with their stolen fine china but was too scared to say anything, and decided to return to bed.

Season 1

In "Pilot", Lexi is seen giving her pee to a drugged up Rue in order to pass the sobriety test that Rue's mother, Leslie gives to Rue. She is not at McKay's party, and finds out about the details of what happened through Cassie.

During the Halloween episode, "The Next Episode", Lexi is dressed up as painter Bob Ross and is seen her helping Rue scare McKay's little brother, Troy. She is also seen covering for Cassie with Daniel in the room, while McKay is actively trying to find Cassie after she drunk texted him. These two events demonstrate Lexi's caring nature for those around her.

In Cassie's episode, "The Trials and Tribulations of Trying to Pee While Depressed", we get a glimpse into how the Howard's family problems affect Lexi. She is seen yelling at Cassie after they have a conversation on how Cassie looks, showing how she is affected by the constant attention that Cassie gets. The sisters get over this fight quickly and Cassie asks Lexi for advice on what she should do about her situation, demonstrating how she will always care about her family.

During the season finale, "And Salt the Earth Behind You", Lexi is seen walking down the steps of her house to show off her outfit for the winter formal, receiving warm reactions for her mother, something she is not used to. Lexi is then seen in the car with Cassie and Maddy, getting out of her comfort zone by drinking the alcohol that Maddy brought for the formal. Lexi, clearly feeling the effects of the drink, has a conversation with Cassie about what to do if she wants to hook up with someone which Cassie replies with "go and do whoever the fuck you want". Lexi says that she'll do this but the episode ends before we see what she does. Lexi is also seen supporting Cassie at the abortion clinic, providing the necessary support for her during that moment.

Season 2

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Suze Howard

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Gus Howard

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Cassie Howard

Yeah, well, you look beautiful, Cassie. You look fucking amazing. It's literally all anyone's ever told you your entire life. Like, listen to yourself. It's fucking exhausting.
— Lexi to Cassie in an argument about Cassie's looks[src]

Cassie is Lexi’s older sister who has been praised for her entire life about how beautiful she is. Lexi obviously finds it difficult to live up to people’s opinions of her big sister, often feeling overlooked by their mother due to Cassie’s close personal bond to her. Despite the fact that Lexi is very pretty, her mother constantly emphasizing the beauty of her sister taught her to recede into herself, making her a quieter and more self contained character. However, it is very clear that Lexi cares for her sister, and shows her support for Cassie by going with her to the abortion clinic. In many ways Lexi sees Cassie as a role model, but just wishes to gain the same amount of attention and compliments that Cass is so used to that they now irritate her. Lexi wishes to grow and find herself away from the blueprint her sister had set out and discover who she is.

This dynamic changes between the sisters in season 2 as they are divided over revealing to Cal who beat up Nate. Lexi is Team Fez due to her new found friendship with the town drug dealer, while Cassie is Team Nate as the two begin having a sexual relationship in the season.


Rue Bennett

Rue and Lexi have been friends since pre-school. Their relationship drifted over the years because of Rue's addictions and mental illnesses. Although Rue doesn't consider her and Lexi to be as close as they were when they were kids, she still asks her for things like pee so she can pass a home drug exam.

Over the course of season 1 we see Rue and Lexi's relationship grow steadily. Lexi comforts Rue at the Halloween party after she calls herself 'a burden'. She also helps Rue scare Troy McKay into being a gentleman to her sister, Gia. We also see Rue and Lexi act as detectives in a dream-like episode when Rue becomes manic.

There is a strong implication that Lexi has a crush on Rue as she appears to have longing, jealous faces when Rue and Jules are together. Towards the end of season 1 Lexi asks Cassie what to do if she wants to hook up with someone which Cassie replies with "go and do whoever the fuck you want". Lexi says she will do as such, but the episode ends without any mention of her hooking up with someone or asking someone out. It is theorized that Lexi wanted to hook up with Rue, but since Rue left the party early she couldn't.


Lexi thought about that night a lot. How could Fezco be so kind to her, and so violent towards Nate. She couldn't remember the last time someone her age asked her so many questions about herself. He actually cared about what she had to say.
— Rue's voiceover[src]

Lexi begins a friendship with Fez during the New Year's Eve party in "Trying to Get to Heaven Before They Close the Door". The two strike up a conversation on the couch in the down moments of Lexi trying to find Cassie. They talk about how their holidays were and Lexi explains to Fez on how the Christians stole Christmas. Throughout the conversation, it is shown that Lexi and Fez are flirting with each other immentent through the blushes that are on Lexi's face after Fez tells her how he started to miss her presence on the couch. The two exchange numbers before Fez beats up Nate. Lexi is seen defending Fez to Cassie in "Out of Touch" after Cal questions the girls about what happened at the party and it is inferred that there is a strong connection between Lexi and Fez on how Lexi is crushing on Fez. The feelings are also shown when Lexi visits Fez's store to warn him about what Cassie said to Cal as Fez stutters with what he wants to say. The two don't have any on-screen moments until "A Thousand Little Trees of Blood" when they watch Stand By Me at Fez's house as Lexi talks to him about the possible backlash about her play. It is further revealed that in "The Theater and Its Double" that the two had been talking for months and that Lexi has fallen in love with Fez.

Maddy Perez

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Kat Hernandez

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Jules Vaughn

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Physical appearance

Lexi has long brown hair, dark brown eyes, and pale skin. Lexi often has natural makeup on, but she adds nods to a more vintage-style look (possibly 50s) with some red lipstick. She most often wears colorful sweaters with various patterns and skirts. Her aesthetic is very girl next doorish, she wears ribbons in her hair and is never untidy with her appearance, always looking clean and refreshed to show her innocence and how different she truly is from Rue. Lexi is very pretty, but is not confident within herself and carries herself as just a little kid trying to find her path.


Season 1 appearances
Pilot Stuntin' Like My Daddy Made You Look Shook Ones Pt. II
'03 Bonnie and Clyde The Next Episode The Trials and Tribulations of Trying to Pee While Depressed And Salt the Earth Behind You
Season 2 appearances
Trying to Get to Heaven Before They Close the Door Out of Touch Ruminations: Big and Little Bullys You Who Cannot See, Think of Those Who Can
Stand Still Like the Hummingbird A Thousand Little Trees of Blood The Theater and Its Double All My Life, My Heart Has Yearned for a Thing I Cannot Name


You're being fucking rude.
— Lexi to two unnamed classmates[src]
You say all this, but what happens in three days when you knock on my door asking me to piss in some Tylenol bottle? What, you're gonna say the opposite? How we've known each other since pre-school and we're best friends? It's like you have a split personality disorder. Sorry if I miss the old you.
— Lexi to Rue[src]
I hadn't really thought about it.
— Lexi to Gia after being told about Rue liking Jules[src]
Is this like, really weird and uncomfortable for you?
— Lexi to Rue after practice kissing her[src]
It's because of you, you know?
— Lexi to Jules while taking off her rollerblades[src]


  • In "The Next Episode", Lexi dresses up as American painter Bob Ross for Halloween after Rue drawing a beard onto Lexi with a Sharpie and Fezco remarks how she looks like Bob Ross.[2]
  • In Season 2, Cassie's wardrobe revolves around the luxurious brand Prada, while Lexi is mostly seen in Miu Miu's pieces; this is intentional to show a contrast between the Howard sisters; Miu Miu is often referred to as "Prada's little sister", and Lexi is portrayed as the timid younger sister who’s often in Cassie's shadow, while Cassie's outfits emphasize strongly on her femininity, and her body features which made her popular among her peers.


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