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"I swear my boyfriend doesn't tell me anything."
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Gus Howard is a recurring character in Euphoria. He is portrayed by Nick Blood.


Early life

At some point, Gus met Suze Howard and had two daughters with her, Cassie and Lexi. Initially, things in his family were okay, as Gus was a devoted husband and father, despite Suze being jealous of him and other women visibly flirting with him on numerous occasions, even at their daughter's birthday party. He had a particularly strong bond with Cassie and always wanted her to become a professional ice skater in the future, even giving her ice skates as a birthday gift and enrolling her in professional ice skating lessons; eventually, he couldn't afford it so he stopped encouraging her.

As both his daughters began entering puberty, the family's problems also became more obvious; with Suze often getting drunk, and making scenes in public, and Gus struggling to keep a steady income, and relying on loans from his family and friends. Their relationship became strained, as they would fight even in the presence of their daughters. The night before Cassie started ninth grade, Gus had a huge fight with Suze, resulting in their separation; Suze later told Cassie and Lexi that the reason they fought was because Gus had serious jealousy issues and couldn't keep a steady job, adding that he probably didn't want the responsibility of being a father. However, at school one of Cassie's classmates told her that she heard from her mom that Suze had cheated on Gus, and that's why he left, making Cassie cry in the school's restroom. At first, Gus would visit Cassie and Lexi on weekends, and take them on trips, then his visits started getting infrequent until he stopped visiting them completely for a couple of months.

One night, Gus crashed into a truck while driving home from work inebriated. He becomes addicted to painkillers prescribed to him during his recovery. During and after his stay at the ICU, Cassie constantly attended to him and texted him from school; however, he ultimately stopped responding as he did before. Later on, a week before Cassie's fifteenth birthday, Gus called Cassie to let him into the house one last time, collecting fine china from the house to pawn before disappearing entirely.[3]

In a flashback scene of "The Theater and Its Double", Lexi and Cassie went out to eat ice cream with Gus. As Lexi and Cassie were eating their ice creams, they witness Gus passed out on a bench. Cassie tries to calm, a nervous Lexi, by telling her that Gus is "just sleeping." However, as Gus is shown stumbling towards his car, Lexi becomes aware that her dad is visibly intoxicated and hesitates to get into the vehicle with him. Cassie informs Lexi that she doesn't want Gus to think that they do not trust him. Lexi, despite still being adamant on the dangerous situation, follows Cassie into the vehicle. After a while of driving, Lexi is shown sobbing quietly, in the back seat. She appears visibly shaken due to the fear and anxiety of driving with Gus.[4]


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Physical appearance

Gus is a tall man with dark brown hair, and eyes. He had a defined jawline with light facial hair and before his accident, he had a clean, proper look that consisted mostly of bright buttoned shirts and pants. He was described by Rue as a very handsome man; according to her, he was "this type of handsome that made him being treated differently by others", mostly other women who were often visibly flattered by his presence, and tried to flirt with him.

Following his car accident, and being hospitalized, he became addicted to painkillers, becoming a shadow of his former self, losing a lot of weight, and looking quite unkempt. He also had a lot of visible marks on his arms from using needles.


Season 1 appearances
Pilot Stuntin' Like My Daddy Made You Look Shook Ones Pt. II
'03 Bonnie and Clyde The Next Episode The Trials and Tribulations of Trying to Pee While Depressed And Salt the Earth Behind You
Season 2 appearances
Trying to Get to Heaven Before They Close the Door Out of Touch Ruminations: Big and Little Bullys You Who Cannot See, Think of Those Who Can
Stand Still Like the Hummingbird A Thousand Little Trees of Blood The Theater and Its Double All My Life, My Heart Has Yearned for a Thing I Cannot Name


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