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Euphoria (Original Score from the HBO Series) is the album compiling the original score of the American teen drama series Euphoria. It was released three months after the series on October 4, 2019 for digital download.[1] The score is also released in vinyl format on Friday, January 10. The score was preceded by "All For Us," a single by the series' leading actress Zendaya as well as Labrinth, which was featured in the finale episode of the first season.


The album marks Labrinth's first-ever project as lead composer. The album is written and recorded in close collaboration with the show's creator Sam Levinson. The resulting 26-track collection is a genre blending mix of gospel, soul and electronic influences, indicative both of Labrinth's imitable style as well as the show's deeply moving storyline.

Track listing

1. "New Girl" Labrinth 1:02
2. "Formula" Labrinth 1:31
3. "Preparing for Call" Labrinth 0:28
4. "Forever" Labrinth 3:22
5. "Planning Date" Labrinth 1:41
6. "Nate Growing Up" Labrinth 2:33
7. "Home From Rehab" Labrinth 0:43
8. "We All Knew" Labrinth 3:01
9. "Say Goodnight" Labrinth 0:43
10. "Shy Guy" Labrinth 1:25
11. "Following Tyler" Labrinth 1:28
12. "Still Don't Know My Name" Labrinth 2:33
13. "Kat's Denial" Labrinth 1:30
14. "Slideshow" Labrinth 0:56
15. "Family Vacation" Labrinth 0:22
16. "Grapefruit Diet" Labrinth 1:35
17. "WTF Are We Talking For" Labrinth 2:51
18. "Euphoria Funfair" Labrinth 10:07
19. "The Lake" Labrinth 3:45
20. "Maddy's Story" Labrinth 4:51
21. "Demanding Excellence" Labrinth 3:30
22. "McKay & Cassie" Labrinth 1:32
23. "Gangster" Labrinth 2:30
24. "When I R.I.P." Labrinth 2:54
25. "Arriving at the Formal" Labrinth 5:58
26. "Virgin Pina Coladas" Labrinth 0:22

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