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Cassie: "I love that I'm your secret...and I can't tell a soul."
Nate: "I love how fuckin' sick you are."
Cassie and Nate[src]

The relationship between Cassie Howard and Nate Jacobs began in "Trying to Get to Heaven Before They Close the Door" and subsequently ended in "You Who Cannot See, Think of Those Who Can" before beginning again in "A Thousand Little Trees of Blood".

Nate breaks up with Cassie again after Our Life.


Season 2

Sometime on New Years Eve, Nate picks Cassie up from a gas station and gives her a ride to Virgil's party, on the way to the party, Nate started to develop a sexual attraction to Cassie, which leaded to them having sex in the bathroom later that night. Their relationship started very negatively: Cassie hides in the bathtub due to Maddy coming in after Cassie and Nate's hook up. Cassie tried to be a perfect girl for Nate: checking on him while he was in the hospital and dressing up for him. In return, Nate would pick her up and they would have sex.[1]

However, later on, Nate created a habit of telling Cassie they're not hooking up anymore, during which Cassie would wake up at 4 AM to shower, do her makeup and hair, and get dressed.[2] Despite being conscious, Nate still wanted her and the two always made up. Nate also likes to fantasize about starting a life with Cassie.[3] Sometime before Maddy's birthday party, Cassie and Nate get into an argument about whether or not Nate is getting back with Maddy. At the party, Cassie gets drunk and asks if Nate is still coming to the party and upon his arrival, Cassie drinks more when she realizes he's here for Maddy and not her. Later, Cassie changes into a bathing suit and gets into the hot tub to which Maddy, Nate, Kat and BB join her. After Nate and Maddy get into an argument, Cassie throws up in the hot tub and as her mother helps her upstairs, Nate walks past her and she cries.[4]

Their relationship is exposed at the most recent of Rue Bennett's interventions by Rue. When Cassie attempts to give Rue advice to help her get clean, Rue responds to Cassie by asking her "How long have you been fucking Nate Jacobs?" She then tells Maddy and the group that she saw Cassie get into Nate's truck, kiss him and drive off.[5] Later, Nate calls Cassie, telling her to pack a bag because he would be on his way to pick her up. When she arrives at his house she tells him, "I've ruined my entire life for you", then proceeds to hit him a few times in the chest before kissing him.[6]


  • According to Rue, Cassie and Nate had been hooking up every Friday night for the last 3 weeks, which would be Friday January 4, 2019.
    • Cassie also states that they first had sex three weeks and three days after Maddy and Nate broke up, which was Monday December 31, 2018.
  • Before they got back together, Cassie tried to slit her wrists with a corkscrew.[7]
  • Rue reveals to Maddy, Kat, Lexi and Suze that Cassie and Nate are having sex/in a relationship in "Stand Still Like the Hummingbird."