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The carnival was an event that occurred in "Shook Ones Pt. II".



The carnival is an annual event in town and includes a chili contest that Cal Jacobs notoriously wins every year.

Season 1

"Shook Ones Pt. II"

Many of the main characters attend the carnival, some for fun while others, such as Fez, disguise their drug business within a food truck. After a confrontation over her outfit with Nate, Maddy Perez runs into Cassie Howard and decided to take MDMA to take the edge off: as a result, Cassie, sore over McKay downplaying their relationship, decides to ride the carousel with Daniel, leading to a kiss between the two and ends up having an orgasm in front of a onlooking crowd. Maddy publicly berates Nate's family's, embarrassing her and causing him to aggresively pull her behind some trailers. In rage, he chokes her so hard she ends up with extensive neck bruising.

Meanwhile, Jules runs off with Rue, Gia and Lexi, causing Kat to wind up with Ethan for the meantime. While the two bond initially, upon seeing Ethan's sister's coworker talk to him while getting slushies, Kat's insecurity causes her to run off and hook up with Luke Kasten.

As they wander the grounds, Jules unexpectedly sees the man she had a one night stand with at a chili booth. In disbelief, Rue points out that man is Cal Jacobs, Nate's father. To prove she's not lying, Jules approaches the booth, visually unsettling them both and causing Cal to anxiously spill a cup of chili, as Rue looks on and realizes Jules is not lying. Later on, the two split up when Gia goes missing after she goes to smoke weed with some boys.


After Jules is assured that Gia is safe, Cal approaches her, begging her to not expose their night together. Jules apologizes for the situation and promises not to take action and is texted by "Tyler" to finally meet up, only to find out it's Nate, who blackmails her with her own pictures into staying silent about her and Cal.[2]

After Maddy's bruising is exposed and the Jacobs are pressed for assault charges, resulting in Nate's temporary expulsion from East Highland,[3] he uses his blackmail on Jules and a forced confession from Tyler to clear his name, having them claim that Tyler choked Maddy and having Jules as the witness.[4] However, the mental stress begins to draw on Rue's suspicion and, through a manic state, she manages to figure out a very close theory on the both of them.[5]



  • Carousel
  • Ferris Wheels
  • Gravitron


Season 1 appearances
Pilot Stuntin' Like My Daddy Made You Look Shook Ones Pt. II
'03 Bonnie and Clyde The Next Episode The Trials and Tribulations of Trying to Pee While Depressed And Salt the Earth Behind You


  • According to an interview with Nate Jacobs' actor, Jacob Elordi, a fully-functioning carnival with camera tracks running all around the site was built from the ground up in Pomona, California specifically for the episode.
  • According to Rue in this episode, Nate's dad Cal Jacobs hosts his annual which he cooks every year at the carnival, so it can be implied this event can take place yearly throughout the series.
  • The track played for most of the episode, "Euphoria Funfair" is the longest track in the Season 1 Score, at ten minutes long.


  1. In "'03 Bonnie and Clyde", the photos taken of Maddy's bruises are dated 2018 10 06 (October 6, 2018). The carnival occurred the night prior, which would have been October 5, 2018. In "The Next Episode", Nate refers to that night as the "second night of the carnival", so the carnival would have begun on October 4, 2018.
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